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Ringke Noble Crystal Ring Apple iPhone 7

Ringke Noble Crystal Necklace Apple iPhone 8/7

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Hybrid case with luxury crystals

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Ringke Noble - Ultimate luxury look and feel
Now Ringke FUSION cases wear premium crystals.

Based on Ringke's protection, Rinkge Noble adds a luxurious look.
Ringke Noble was developed using a new advanced manufacturing process (CNC method - Cut and inserting every single premium crystal piece) unlike others.
Ringke Noble is handmade by skilled craftsman.

Handcrafted Ringke Noble was made with precisely cut high quality crystals.
Offers sophisticated and luxurious look.
The precise cuts in the case's back to match all the different crystal shapes and the insertion of the crystals are all handmade procedures.
Enjoy this luxurious feel and look that you'll be proud to show off with Ringke Noble.

* Ringke FUSION
- Stylish with all around protection design: Show off natural beauty of your phone's design
- Attached Dust Cap: No more tiny dusts out to attack your phone!
- New Active Touch Technology: The New Active Touch Technology is designed for a more natural responsive feel when pushing the volume and power button

TPU + Policarbonate
12 months
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